Bees help in the battle against tuberculosis

3 News recently covered one of the more interesting research projects currently happening within Plant & Food Research, ‘sniffer bees’. Dr Max Suckling and his Lincoln-based team have been working with the common honey bee in order to train them to detect the odours associated with Tuberculosis. The research programme hopes to develop a low cost test to confirm the deadly disease,  most common in poverty stricken areas, in order to replace the need for more expensive medical diagnosis.

See the video online at

An Interview with Dr Andy Allan

Plant & Food Research scientist recognised by peers

Dr Jim Walker

Plant & Food Research scientist Dr Jim Walker has been recognised for his 30 year research career with the presentation of a prestigious New Zealand Plant Protection medal.

Dr Walker, who is based at Plant & Food Research’s Hawke’s Bay site, leads a team of researchers focused on developing innovative tools and techniques for managing pests affecting the New Zealand horticultural industry. During his 30 year career, he has been involved in the development and introduction of the Integrated Fruit Production (IFP) programme in the New Zealand pipfruit sector. (more…)


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